About Us


Board of Directors

M&C Gold and Precious Metals Refinery has a Four-Member Board of Directors which is responsible for Setting , Directing, Formulating Strategies, Organizing and Administering the affairs of the Company. It is chaired by Mr. Eric Kodi.


Under the Leadership of the Group Chief Executive Officer, A Management Team is in place to discharge the Responsibility of Thorough Supervision on tenets that go with Best Practices to guide operations of all departments in the Company.


M&C Gold and Precious Metals Refinery is a High Security Complex and it is protected round-the-clock. It partly relies on using the latest surveillance control and alarm systems to support manpower surveillance on its premises. The Company also employs Highly Technical Security Personnels.

When it comes to metal transfers and transportation of valuable materials to and from our plant, applicable standard handling levels are used for control and security. We are intimately knitted with our Clients to ensure a smooth and secure process at all times.

M&Cs security systems and vaults are consistently inspected by specialist for maintenance purposes.


M&C Gold and Precious Metals Refinery is a Modern and Competent Refinery and therefore draws on the best practices in Technology and Manufacturing to meet Clients' needs and interests. A total addiction to Transparency and Accuracy leaves no room for errors or mistrust.